• Strategies for Healthy Climate Advocacy
  • Carbon Cycle / Land Carbon Sequestration
  • Roadmaps for the Renewable Energy Transition
  • Biofuels Landscape
  • Hydrogen Economy
  • Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Approaches to Geoengineering
  • Oregon Climate Change Impacts and Solutions
  • Countering Climate Change Denialism

About Dr. John Perona

John Perona is an accomplished research scientist, environmental lawyer, and advocate for a healthy climate. His book From Knowledge to Power: The Comprehensive Handbook for Climate Science and Advocacy (K2P) has been endorsed by numerous leaders in climate and renewable energy, including Dr. Katherine Hayhoe (Distinguished Professor at Texas Tech University; named to Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people), Mark Reynolds (former Executive Director of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby), Dr. Erica Fleishman (Director of the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute) and Bill Bradbury (former Oregon Secretary of State).

The exceptionally broad scope of K2P reflects Dr. Perona’s unique professional trajectory encompassing exhaustive scientific research expertise in environmental biochemistry, two law degrees with specializations in environmental pollution, natural resources and energy development, and leadership roles in healthy climate advocacy in both the US Congress and Oregon legislature. K2P fulfills the need for a thorough guide that provides an entry point for engaged citizens who wish to help build the political will necessary to solve the climate change problem. To the maximum extent possible, K2P takes a bipartisan win/win approach to engaging with the difficult tradeoffs in this field, describing entry points to advocacy for citizens with political orientations ranging from progressive to center/right.

Dr. Perona offers highly engaging, detailed and accessible presentations to a broad range of audiences, bringing nearly 30 years of experience in university classrooms and public education venues. Reflecting his broad background, most presentations couple a deep dive into the nature of the climate and renewable energy challenge with policy solutions and suggestions for how participants can get involved. Tailored presentations are available for groups of any size and expertise, including private companies, NGO’s and nonprofits, government agencies, citizens’ education and advocacy groups, and universities.

To arrange a presentation for your group, please contact Dr. Perona at johnjperona@gmail.com


State of the Climate 2024

Review of temperature and carbon dioxide emissions data worldwide and for the US. United Nations processes, sector analysis of emissions, and events at COP28 in December 2023.


Proposed technological approaches to solar radiation management and comparison to other forms of geoengineering. Social and political issues associated with this new field.

Hydrogen Technology

How hydrogen is manufactured and used in the United States and around the world. Integration into the net zero economy, and policies to promote blue and green hydrogen.

Carbon Capture and Storage

Features and limitations of natural land carbon sequestration and industrial scale carbon capture and storage (CCS). Potential technologies for large scale atmospheric carbon removal. 

Renewable Diesel

Key distinctions between renewable diesel (RD) and other biofuels, and usefulness of RD as a drop-in substitute for fossil petroleum diesel. Sources of RD, environmental considerations and policy.