Renewable Diesel for Oregon

blog Renewable Diesel for Oregon JOHN PERONA and KYLE MEYERFebruary 5, 2022Updated May 5, 2022 Greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and industry are among the most challenging to mitigate, in part because electrification of many end uses in these sectors is not yet possible. For these applications, the environmentally responsible use of biofuels provides a … Read more

K2P Update

Federal Climate Initiatives

K2P Update Federal Climate Initiatives JOHN PERONA SEPTEMBER 8, 2021 K2P offers thorough explanations of federal climate policy (chapters 7-10), but given the book’s timetable its focus is necessarily on the 116th Congress (2019-2020) and earlier. This post provides an update at a critical moment, addressing the prospects for Congress and the executive branch to … Read more


Introducing From Knowledge to Power (K2P)

Blog Introducing From Knowledge to Power (K2P) JOHN PERONA JULY 30, 2021 When I began writing K2P a few years ago, I grappled with the question of whether the world really needed another book on climate change, when so much information was already available. This issue should properly preoccupy any aspiring writer on the subject. … Read more